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SR-24 Remote Control / Synchroniser Systems

SR-24 Separate keyboard, Four 9-Pin serial outputs, 24 track arm switches, Large 8mm Display, Keyboard Display
SR-24a Separate keyboard, Five 9-Pin serial outputs, One 9-pin Serial input, 24 track arm's, Large 8mm Display, Keyboard Display
With the development of the RM-6 rack mounted unit we are able to move most of the electronics from the controller to the machine room. The SR-4 may be used with a single RS-422 connection to control the RM-6. Whilst the existing SR-24 may also be used as a remote control for the RM-6 the separate Display box made it expensive. The new SR-424 is our solution, it may be used as a remote for the RM-6 in the same way but with 24 track arm keys.

The rear panel of the SR-424 is the same as the SR-4, this allows the SR-424 to be used as a stand alone unit with extra track arm keys. We are also looking at an ADR version of the SR-424 for the future.


P2MMC-USB RS422-Midi Machine Control Interface

USB Midi: Plug and Play

- Six different operational modes
- Windows GUI Provided for Machine Control and Setup
- Multiple Midi channels for simultaneous control from GUI and DAW
- Track arming of DAW from RS422 Controller
- Track arming of RS422 Machine from DAW or GUI
- RS422 Port configured as Input (Emulation) or Output (Control)
- Virtual Machine: Locked to Video Syncs
- LTC Timecode Input: LTC -> MTC, LTC -> RS422
- LTC Timecode Output: MTC -> LTC, RS422 -> LTC
- GPIO: 8 Inputs, 8 Outputs
- Video Sync Input: Bi-Level (SD) or Tri-Level (HD)

Based on our P2MMC but using USB Midi. the P2MMC-2 may be used in a number of different configurations
allowing DAW’s with Midi In/Out to be resolved to Video Syncs and be controlled by or control RS422 devices.