AuviTran Audio ToolBox is a modular audio platform giving access to a large variety of professional audio networked configurations.

With a three slots 1U-19inch rack unit and several audio interface cards, you can build the configuration you need:

  • EtherSound interface and ASIO interface
  • MADI interface
  • High quality analog input or output XLR connectors
  • Analog inputs/outputs Euroblock connectors
  • High quality mic preamp inputs
  • AES/EBU inputs/outputs
  • GPI/GPO interface

AuviTran Audio ToolBox is available in installation mode (Display in front and all connectors in the back) and can be configured as stage-box for live applications (Display, Network and Audio connectors in front, Power supply and GPIO on the back).

Key Features

  • AuviTran Audio ToolBox platform 19” rack (1U) chassis, providing up to three slots for AuviTran AxC interface cards, with an audio backplane connecting all inputs / outputs (physical and network)
  • Vast choice of audio interface cards
  • 4 smart configurable GPIO for powerful interactions with security application. They can also be set individually as ADC Input for local/remote fader or level control.
  • AVBx3-ES100 is the Audio ToolBox platform equipped with one AxC-ES100 EtherSound card:
    • Two EtherCon connectors allowing 64 channels extraction and 64 channels insertion to ES100 network
    • ASIO through the third port (up to 64 channel in and 64 channel out)
  • Remote management with ESMonitor software through the EtherSound Network.
  • Dedicated control page for monitoring and controlling all the chassis and inserted cards parameters.


Fixed installations (installation mode)

  • Stadiums, concert halls
  • Public Address, paging systems, theme parks and resorts
  • Broadcast rack in central room
  • Theatres, bars, pubs discos
  • Exhibitions and conference centres
  • Public address in transportation terminals...

Live applications (stage-box mode)

  • Live concerts and recording
  • Live broadcast studios and OB Vans
  • Recording studios...




The card provides two ES100 In/Out ports, a RS232 connector, a ES100 Third port and mini- YGDAI interface for both very-low latency audio and data transmission.
Up to 64 audio input and 64 audio output channels can be transmitted to or sent from a Yamaha mixer to any other EtherSound™ compatible device, over regular CAT5 cables.
The AVY16-ES100 card oers full network and/or local control of all channel assignments, as well as constant network status monitoring, making it ideal for live professional audio applications.
Via the RS232 port, external third-party equiment can be connected to any other third-party device using virtual tunelling or to an EtherSound™ compliant application located on a remote PC.
In addition, a MIDI connection available through the mini-YGDAI interface enables control of the Yamaha device, again via a thirdparty application located on a remote PC.

Key Features

  • 128 channels, 24 bit, 48 kHz or 44 kHz audio transmission over Ethernet.
  • 16 YGDAI output channels can be dynamically "extracted" from any of the 64 EtherSound™ downstream channels or from any of the 64 upstream channels when the bidirectional mode is active.
  • 16 YGDAI input channels can be dynamically "inserted" to any of the 64 EtherSound™ downstream channels or to any of the 64 upstream channels when the bidirectional mode is active.
  • AuviTran’s ESMonitor, a Windows application running on a remote PC connected to the EtherSound™ network, allows automatic discovery of AVY16-ES100 cards; monitors connection & disconnection status for all cards; controls the individual cards’ parameters; and alllows local assignment of any YGDAI input or output to the required EtherSound™ channel.
  • 2 x ES100 ports allow the daisy-chaining of multiple AVY16-ES100 cards or other thirdparty EtherSound™ devices.
  • RS232 serial port allows 3rd-party data connection through the EtherSound™ network using virtual data tunelling or data exchange from/to a remote PC.
  • Internal MIDI port located in the mini-YGDAI card enables remote control of the Yamaha device via a third-party PC application.


Product recommended for :

  • Live entertainment and concerts
  • Stadiums, opera, theatre, museum and arts centres
  • Theme parks and resorts
  • Television and radio outside broadcast
  • PA announcements
  • Exhibition and conference centres
  • Recording and broadcast studio
  • Cruise ship paging, onboard entertainment and leisure centre audio systems
  • Shopping malls and arcades - zone mixing




AuviTran AV3rd-ES100 is a self powered box, bridging EtherSound and ASIO, without the need for a console.
AV3rd-ES100 is an EtherSound (ES100) access point with two Neutrik® EtherCon® connectors, and is also equipped with a third port, bringing full ASIO features provided by the AuviTran Network ASIO Streamer.
Through AuviTran ESMonitor application, patch ASIO and EtherSound audio channels to and from any device connected to the EtherSound network.

With an ASIO compatible application:

  • Play up to 64 high quality audio channels on any EtherSound networked device
  • Record up to 64 high quality audio channels from any EtherSound networked device

AV3rd-ES100 may also be used in following configurations:

  • Third port insertion for control and monitoring in a ring configuration where all devices ports are already used
  • Portable active EtherSound repeater, doubling the possible distance in an Ethernet connection

Key Features

  • Self powered (100-240 VAC) box, format 1U 1/3 19” rack.
  • 2 x EtherSound™ ES100 EtherCon® connectors for connection to other EtherSound devices.
  • 128 EtherSound channels (64 upstream and 64 downstream) of 24 bits of audio transmission over standard CAT5 Ethernet cable in bidirectional mode or 64 channels in unidirectional mode.
  • AV3rd-ES100 is seen as a Virtual Sound card by any ASIO compatible application.
  • By connecting a PC with an ASIO compatible application to an AV3rd-ES100 through its third port, you can add record/playback features to the EtherSound existing features of the device:
    • Play up to 64 audio channels from PC
    • Record up to 64 audio channels to PC
  • The ASIO channels can be patched to and from any of the EtherSound audio channels though AuviTran ESMonitor application
  • Remote management with ESMonitor software through the EtherSound Network.
  • Dedicated control page for monitoring and controlling all the device parameters




AVM500-ES is an EtherSound Network Matrix in a 19” 1U rack box for linking and routing up to 5 EtherSound Networks together. AVM500-ES Integrates a full matrix router of 320 x 320 audio channels.
AVM500-ES enhances EtherSound standard daisy chain connection and enables to build star architectures of mixed bidirectional EtherSound or ES100 devices or sub-network. Multi AVM500-ES can be ringed together using their twin IN and OUT A Ports to create a redundant ring of EtherSound Networks. AVM500-ES has an auxiliary power supply input to build safety systems.
AVM500-ES enables network remote installation monitor and control thanks to its native integrated network status report capability. Any AVM500-ES can be fully monitored and controlled from a PC using ESMonitor software available for free download on AuviTran web site. AuviTran’s ES-Monitor, a Windows application running on a remote PC connected to the EtherSound™ network, which allows automatic discovery and management of AVM500-ES products.

Key Features

  • Enhances existing EtherSound™ devices and systems to Bidirectional Star Architectures
  • Build in matrix of 5 x ES-100 EtherSound Networks in a 19” 1U rack
  • 5 Bidirectional ES-100 EtherSound Ports: 1 IN, 4 OUT
  • Full matrix router of 320 x 320 digital 48kHz 24 bits audio channels
  • Twin Ports available for Safety Ring AVM500-ES interconnections
  • Multi AVM500-ES can be combined together to map star cabling architecture
  • Build In Redundant auxiliary power supply input for secure systems
  • Dedicated Ethernet Link for PC remote control and monitoring
  • Build in serial port for remotely controlled distributed devices
  • Selectable Word Clock source from local 48kHz clock, BNC Word Clock In or EtherSound network


Product recommended for Distribution, routing and control of audio for live and touring installations :

  • Live broadcast PA/announcement
  • Live entertainment and concerts
  • TV and Radio Outside Broadcast
  • Electro acoustic music productions
  • Itinerant Museums and Theatres

Product for fixed installation with high quality Audio distribution, paging and zone management:

  • Stadium, Opera, theatre, museum and arts centre
  • Theme parks and resorts
  • Public Address: touring and fixed sound reinforcement
  • Electro acoustic music productions
  • Broadcasting
  • Office blocks, corporate boardrooms and buildings PA

Broadcast and Studio:

  • Radio and TV Studio recording
  • AES/EBU routing network matrix for broadcast
  • Recording and monitoring studio
  • Multi channels Broadcasting