하드디스크를 Raid 0, 1으로 대용량을 구성할 수 있게 해주는 안정된 제품.

Miglia의 큰 장점은 영국의 경험많은 엔지니어와 마케팅담당자들이 제조사, 업계에 기술솔루션과 제품을 공급한다는 것입니다. Miglia제품은 전세계 공인된 딜러들을 통해 공급 받을 수 있습니다.




Director's Cut 'Take 2'

Analogue/Digital Video Converter

Director's Cut 'Take 2' PCI

Analogue/Digital Video Converter with FireWire PCI card

Scart to composite cable


Scart to S-VHS cable



Camcorder DV-IN enabling device

MediaBank MT
Empty external FireWire hard drive case. Single ATA/FW bridge board

MediaBank MT-R
Empty external FireWire hard drive case. Dual ATA/FW bridge board

MT-R Upgrade Kit
Upgrade kit for MediaBank MT allowing to install a second ATA/FW bridge board

MiniBank MT-II
Empty external FireWire & USB 2.0 hard drive case for 2.5'' drives.

MediaBank HS-R
External Firewire/IEEE 1394 hard drive case
100% aluminium enclosure
Hardware based Raid 1(Mirroring) support - No software required
Fully automatic and independent drive backup and data mirror
Oxford 911 chipset for highest transfer rates

Catalyst FW/ATA Kit
Kit for converting SCSI case to the latest FireWire converter generation

Alchemy ATA 133 PCI
ATA 133 PCI card for any PowerMac PCI

Alchemy ATA 133 RAID PCI
ATA 133 PCI card with hardware based Raid 0 support for PowerMacs G3 & G4

Alchemy FW/USB PCI
FireWire and USB combination card for PowerMacs and PCs.