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Digital Audio Mixer

01V 24 Channel Digital Mixing Console

If you're ready for your first digital mixer, or if you could use a rack-mountable, full-featured programmable digital mixer with 24 inputs to tidy up an elaborate music system that's not as flexible as you'd like, then you're ready for the Yamaha 01V Digital Mixing console..

The awesome offspring of the ProMix01, 02R and 03D line - the world's most popular family of digital mixers - the 01V is an enormously powerful digital mixer in its own right, featuring a wealth of professional-level signal routing, processing and mixing options, as well as crystal clean sound with 105dB dynamic range - and even the capability to easily link another 01V for 48 input channels - all at an enticing entry-level price.

Ideal Digital Mixer
The 01V is the ideal digital mixer for project studios, broadcast, private studios, live sound applications, and more. Simply the most flexible digital mixer available for the money, the 01V will let you take your music wherever you want to go - and deliver it in style.

01V96 Digital Mixing Console 24bit, 96kHz Performance

Cutting-edge Performance, Capacity, Control & Compatibility

You simply won't find another digital console this compact and affordable that offers this much performance and flexibility. The 01V96 fits comfortably in the small-studio space - and budget while delivering sound, capacity, control, and compatibility on a par with much larger consoles.

24-bit/96-kHz Performance Takes Digital Sound To the Next Level
Digital audio technology has come a long way since the early days of 16 bits at 44.1 kHz - a format that many considered to be the reason for "harsh", "cold" sound. The entire industry is now settling on 24-bit/96-kHz digital operation for significantly superior sonic quality. The 01V96 does give you a choice - you can work at 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, or 96 kHz, depending on the needs of each individual project. But when you want the truly transparent, incredibly dynamic sound of 24-bits at 96 kHz, the 01V96 is ready to deliver. It even includes a comprehensive range of superb 96-kHz compatible stereo effects with 32-bit internal processing.

24 Analog & Digital Channel Inputs ... Expandable to 40
Right out of the box the 01V96 gives you 16 analog channe inputs - 12 with high-performance microphone head amplifiers - and eight digital channel inputs via a built-in ADAT optical interface. The first 12 analog channels will accept microphone signals or balanced/unbalanced line-level signals, while the remaining four channels can be used either as individual balanced/unbalanced line inputs or two stereo pairs. Without going any further you're ready to handle a comprehensive mix of analog and digital inputs. When you need more, Yamaha offers a range of Mini-YGDAI expansion cards that can simply be plugged into the 01V96 expansion slot to provide additional I/O in a variety of formats: ADAT, AES/EBU, TDIF or analog.

02R96 Digital Mixing Console 24bit, 96kHz Performance

Unprecedented 24-bit, 96-kHz Performance Throughout
Unlike conventional equipment that achieves operation in 96-kHz mode with reduced number of channels, the 02R96 imposes no such limitations - at 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz or 96 kHz. Full 96- kHz resolution with 32-bit internal processing and 58-bit accumulators is the standard. You get 56 channels of transparent, superdynamic 24-bit/96-kHz audio, plus all the additional effects and processing you'll ever need for most applications. Yamaha has included a comprehensive range of 96-kHz compatible stereo effects with 32-bit internal processing in the 02R96 - plus several designed specifically for surround. And you can use as many as four individual effect processors simultaneously.

Superlative Analog Head Amplifiers & Converters
And what about critical A/D conversion? All onboard A/D and D/A conversion makes use of the finest 24-bit/96-kHz converters. This is particularly important in the 02R96 because it features head amplifiers derived from the acclaimed DM2000 - some of the finest analog mic preamps available in any console, anywhere. The on-board converters ensure that you get an excellent digital representation of the warm, transparent output from these remarkable mic preamps. I/O capability is also in line with the rest of the console's performance: four I/O slots accept a new range of 24-bit/96-kHz-capable Mini-YGDAI digital and analog I/O cards as well as existing types.

56 Channels in 3 Layers, Plus Extraordinary Patching Flexibility
One of the advantages of working with digital is that it allows maximum power and flexibility to be packed into minimum space. On the 02R96 24 precision 100-millimeter motorized channel faders can be instantaneously layer-switched to control any of 56 channels. Having all controls right in front of you at all times not only saves space, but it also means that all operations can be carried out without having to move away from the monitoring "sweet spot". What's more, all available inputs, outputs, effects, and channel inserts can be assigned to any of the console's channels or outputs via the 02R96's remarkably versatile, easy-to-use digital patching system.

For example, any of the four effect processors can be assigned to an auxiliary buss for send-type operation, or inserted directly into any input channel as required. A direct out function also allows the signal from any of the 56 input channels to be routed directly to any digital or analog output. The eight auxiliary busses can also be patched to anywhere in the system. Centralized control means you'll never have to run around to physically re-patch cables whenever you need to reconfigure the system, and patch setups you might want to use again can be stored in the patch library for instant recall at any time.

02RV2 Digital Mixing Console 40input/ 8 Bus Full Automation

Yamaha's award-winning 02R Digital Recording Console is now available with Version 2 software. Hailed the world over for setting the standard in cost-effective professional digital mixing, 02R Version 2 raises that standard by including a long list of new features designed to greatly increase productivity, further decrease the need for peripheral components, and even provide an all-in-one sound processing platform for DVD projects.

Open System for Compatibility
Still provided are all the powerful features that have made the; 02R the first choice for professional project and post production studios relying on TASCAM (TDIF-1), ADAT, AES/EBU, and Yamaha digital interface formats - not to mention the versatile cascading options and many on-board processing functions which make the 02R an ideal live mixing and recording console. *See Optional Accessories.

The 02RV2 includes uncompromising features like a versatile 40-input/8-bus configuration, individual channel PEQ and dynamics processors, effects libraries, scene snapshots and full on-board processing functions which make the 02R an ideal live mixing and recording console.

O2R Version 2
02R Version 2 includes a long list of additional features resulting from extensive consultation with many 02R users worldwide. Added are on-board 24-bit recording capability, various surround panning options, off-line copy-and-paste editing, timecode offset and timecode "capture" for quick location of specific points in a song. There's touch sense fader editing, which allows a fader to be instantly updated by simply moving it. There's a much more versatile I/O assigning of input patched.

03D 26 Input Digital Mixing Console

26-Inputs and 18-Outputs with Highly Flexible Digital I/O
The 03D's flexible configuration of analog and digital inputs and outputs makes it suitable for a wide range of professional mixing applications. Included are 24 input channels and a fully-featured stereo input - for a total of 26 inputs plus 4 bus outputs, 4 auxiliary effect sends, a main stereo bus and a solo bus. Stereo digital inputs and outputs, plus 8 digital inputs and outputs (optional, via a YGDAI slot), provide a total of 10 digital inputs and 10 digital outputs.

03D VEK (Video Edit Suite Software)
With support for the ESAM II editor protocol, the optional 03D Video Edit Suite software
turns the 03D Digital Mixing Console into a full-feature digital audio mixer for
video post-pro. With the Video Edit Suite Software installed and enabled, audio signals
can be mixed and edited along with video. ESAM II support means that the 03D works
like a video switcher for audio, allowing remote transition previews from a video editor.
Several extended functions of the ESAM II protocol including remote fader level control
have been employed. 03D data can be downloaded or uploaded to a video editor
for centralized data management. The 03D's motorized faders allow for accurate level
adjustments, and precisely reflect input level settings. In FROM-TO mode, faders
reflect transition levels. The 03D does not require extra hardware to the Video Edit
Suite Software. A video editor can be connected directly to the 03D's TO EDITOR port.

DM1000 Digital Production Console

The DM1000 redefines the meaning of small format Digital mixer
The DM2000 Digital Production Console and 02R96 Digital Mixing Console having established in the professional production market this year, Yamaha is launching yet another new console at AES in October 2002. The new DM1000 digital production console is a direct sibling of the flagship DM2000, in a very compact rack mountable body of 577 (D) x 199 (H) x 430 (W) mm (22.7" x 7.8" x 16.9"), 19 kg (42 lbs). While it shares key features such as 96 kHz audio, Surround Monitoring, Studio Manager, and DAW Control with the DM2000 and 02R96, the DM1000 is designed especially for commercial production needs such as post-production, audio for video, and broadcast. Being rack mountable, it can also be used in any application, including live sound reinforcement.
The three consoles DM2000, 02R96 and DM1000 are compatible with each other, with mix data easily interchangeable using bundled Studio Manager software.

From large format to small format, Yamaha offers a solution for all digital mixing needs.

The DM1000 is set for delivery in March 2003, at a projected price of MSRP US$5,000 (excluding the MB1000 meter bridge and SP1000 side panel).

96 kHz standard
Unlike conventional equipment that operates in 96 kHz mode only with a reduced number of channels, this Yamaha console imposes no such limitations, delivering the full number of channels at 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz or 96 kHz. Full 96 kHz resolution with 32-bit internal processing and 58-bit accumulators is the standard for the DM1000 (and for the DM2000 and 02R96).

With the DM1000, you get 48 channels of transparent, super-dynamic 24-bit/96 kHz audio, plus all the additional effects and processing you'll ever need for most applications. Yamaha has included a comprehensive range of 96 kHz compatible stereo effects with 32-bit internal processing in the DM1000 - plus several designed specifically for surround. And you can use as many as four individual effect processors simultaneously

DM1000 Digital Production Console

DM2000 is much more than simply a high-performance digital mixer, it is a total production tool that also offers 96-kHz effects, advanced surround production facilities, extensive integrated DAW and machine control, computer and memory-card based data management, an extraordinarily flexible bus system with digital patching, inserts, and much more.
Yamaha defined the first generation of affordable, professional digital mixing consoles. Get ready for the next generation - total production control.

Dedicated DSP LSIs Deliver Unprecedented 24-bit, 96 kHz Performance
Unlike conventional equipment that achieves operation in 96K mode with reduced number of tracks, with DM2000 there is no limitation dependent on sampling frequencies - 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz or 96khz. For DM2000 96Khz is the standard. To achieve this, no fewer than 14 newly-developed DSP7 LSIs are utilized in the mixer section with eight DSP6 LSIs for effects. These chips are designed and manufactured by YAMAHA specifically for professional audio applications, and deliver performance that stretches the limits of the most advanced technology currently available.
By way of comparison, the Yamaha O2R - the digital mixing console that almost single-handedly started the digital production revolution, and rapidly became the industry standard - uses six DSP3 chips in its mixer section. A single DSP7 chip has more than four times the processing power of a DSP3. DM2000 provides more than 9 times the processing power of 02R. We're talking about 96 channels of super-clean, super-dynamic, noise-free 24-bit/96 kHz audio, plus all the additional effects and processing you'll ever need for most applications. At 44.1 or 48 kHz the DM2000 is barely idling.

Internal Effects Fully Support 96kHz Processing
What's the point of having 24-bit/96kHz audio if you have to convert down to a lower sampling rate for effect processing? The point may seem obvious, but that's exactly what's happening if you're using hardware or software processors that don't offer 24-bit/96kHz performance anywhere in your signal chain. That's why Yamaha included a comprehensive range of 96-kHz compatible stereo effects in the DM2000 - plus several designed specifically for surround. And you can use as many as eight individual effect processors simultaneously.

24-bit/96kHz Onboard AD/DA Conversion
Taking the preceding discussion a step further, what about analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion? The same applies: if you don't have all 24 bits at the full 96 kHz in top-quality converters, you're definitely going to be missing something (i.e. part of your sound). Once again, the DM2000 imposes no limitations. All onboard A/D and D/A conversion makes use of the finest 24-bit/96kHz converters. This is particularly important in the DM2000 because it features some of the finest analog mic preamps available in any console, anywhere. The on-board converters ensure that you get an excellent digital representation of the warm, transparent output from these remarkable mic preamps. A new range of Mini-YGDAI digital and analog I/O cards also provide full 24-bit/96kHz capability.

Comprehensive Automation and Scene Control
Automation and Scene Memory recall capability are essential elements of modern digital mixing consoles. With the DM2000, Yamaha takes these functions to an even higher level of precision and ease-of-use. While providing full automation of virtually all console parameters, DM2000 features smooth and quiet touch-sensitive, 100mm motorized faders that make writing and updating automated mixes faster and more intuitive than ever. And all automation data is recorded at 1/4-frame accuracy to ensure excellent precision.

Complete Surround Solution
It looks as though an industry-standard surround format is finally here, and the DM2000 provides everything required for a complete surround solution. All the facilities you need for surround processing, panning and monitoring - including joystick - are provided as standard equipment. The joystick is the perfect (and generally preferred) tool for smooth, continuous positioning of 5.1 surround sound for DVDs or other surround media. And since accurate monitoring is so essential to surround production, extra care was taken to ensure that the DM2000 offers the ideal mixing environment - it includes a downmix matrix which can deliver 3-1(LCRS) and stereo mixes while you are burning a 5.1 surround mix to DVD, bass management, and speaker alignment facilities for optimum speaker system tuning. The DM2000 will even handle multiple 5.1 stem mixes with ease.

PM1D Digital Audio Mixing console

The Yamaha PM1D Digital Mixing System takes sound reinforcement to unprecedented levels of performance and flexibility.

It combines digital mixing and signal processing technology attained through more than 12 years experience with digital sound - more than 100,000 Yamaha digital mixers have already been sold worldwide - with the type of features and flexibility that have made the PM-series sound reinforcement consoles the leading choice of sound professionals worldwide.

Available in 48-channel and 96-channel base configurations, the PM1D offers outstanding digital sound quality and controllability in a system that is remarkably compact, easy to set up, and cost-effective.

Extraordinary Programmability, Repeatability and Instantaneous Total Recall

The entire PM1D system offers extraordinary power and flexibility in terms of programmability and repeatability. In addition to a sophisticated analog-style control surface, all parameters can be accessed and edited via a familiar computer interface, with graphic readout for easy, efficient operation. In fact, the entire setup can be programmed off-line on a standard desktop or laptop computer and then loaded into the PM1D when needed. Instantaneous total recall of as many as 1,000 scenes makes it a snap to keep up with even the most complex programs, and undo capability makes it easy to avoid potential mistakes.

All-digital Sound and Processing

Yamaha is no newcomer to digital sound. Yamaha digital mixing consoles have revolutionized the recording and production industries, and there is no question that the sound quality and processing power they provide are first class. The same type of technology has been applied in the PM1D - with many advancements and improvements that take overall audio performance to new levels. Top-quality 28-bit AD and 27-bit DA conversion deliver extraordinary sonic resolution for totally clean, natural sound. The same goes for signal processing whether it's EQ, compression, or effects. The PM1D offers vast processing power and unmatched performance in all areas so you won't need any external processing gear. Of course, if there's a device that you simply have to use to achieve your sound, the PM1D lets you patch it in just about anywhere in the system. In fact, all signal routing and patching is controlled via a comprehensive centralized display that makes system setup a snap.

Compact for Easy Transport and Positioning

The entire PM1D system - the console itself and one or two equipment racks (depending on your I/O requirements) - is considerably smaller, lighter, and easier to handle than comparable analog systems. And because of the small size of the console, you have more freedom in selecting and setting up your mixing location. The PM1D is also a natural choice for mobile applications.

Fast, Easy Setup and Minimum Cabling with Ethernet-based System Connections

In stark contrast to the snakes and bundles of cables required for analog sound reinforcement, all PM1D console-to-stage audio and control signals are carried via one 68-pin cable per 32 channels, and three Ethernet cables. So once the console and rack(s) are in position, it should not take more than a few minutes to have the whole rigs connected and ready to run.

Analog Audio Mixer
PM4000-48 48channel Mixing Console

Four stereo input modules standard
More modules are optional.

Electronically balanced
XLR inputs and outputs.

Input and output transformers.

All insert In/Out points operate at +4dBu level
This is for optimum compatibility with pro equipment.

Continuously variable 50 dB Gain trim
In addition, switchable 30 dB pad let inputs handle any signal.

6-Step LED meters on each input
The LED meters on each input assist correct setup for optimum gain structure.

8 mono auxiliary mixing busses
In addition, two pair of stereo aux mixing busses that can be used as dual mono, for total of 12 auxes.

8 master mute groups

8 VCA groups
The groups have mute capability and full-length group faders.

8 primary mix busses ("groups")
The mix busses plus a stereo bus which can be "direct assigned" from inputs or from groups.

11 x 8 Mix Matrix

Extensive input-priority
It features "in-place" Cue system, plus Solo mode that mutes other channels.

Built-in fixed/variable frequency test oscillator and pink noise source.
The oscillator and pink noise source speed setup and overall system troubleshooting.

Large, dedicated stereo VU meters
Also, switchable VU meters for other busses (switching conveniently located next to operator).

Hundreds of LEDs The LEDs
indicate status, clip levels, and illuminate switches and meters-no lamps to maintain.

Extensive internal switches
In addition, jumpers to alter "default" console functions.

Lower noise than ever
It also features superb audiophile quality.

Multiple exhaust fans on rear panel
These fans keep circuitry cool for maximum longevity.

PM3500-48 48 Channel Sound Reiforcement Mixer

Digitally Controlled Muting
The input channels, auxiliary returns and output buss On/Off functions are electron. controlled via a central CPU. The consoles allow up to 128 patches or "scenes" to be stored in memory and recalled via a 10-key pad on the front panel or an external Midi device. In addition to complete scene changes, external Midi control can be used to individually turn input and output channels on or off as required. This means that a Midi Sequencer or music computer can be used for total mute automation.

Versatile Mix Matrix
A new 12 x 4ST +4MN matrix configuration with four of the eight matrices offering stereo output. So, sources can be mixed and panned into a stereo output for the first four matrices and into mono output on the other four. Matrix channels accept a direct stereo sub-input from a rear panel connector.

VCA Grouping
Eight VCA Group switches next to each channel fader enable that channel to be assigned to and controlled by one or more of the VCA Master Faders. The VCA Master Fader affects the input channel directly and also alters that channel's post-fader output to any of the eight auxiliary mixing busses, something not possible with the conventional Group Master-Faders.

Advanced Cue/ Solo Functions
This model offers two cue modes. The Last Cue offers several functions: (1) it allows you to scroll through cues, (2) it eliminates the search for the previous cue because it automatically drops it when a new one is selected, and (3) a double tap on Last Cue button clears the entire board of all cues. Mix Cue allows you to build, or pile, a cue onto any existing one. Cue PFL trim/ Cue VCA trim. Adjust the trim levels of VCA groups and the Master Group to even out.

Easy to View Metering
The consoles feature input peak LEDs to properly set levels of individual channels. Next, the new Peak indicators give a visual indication of each individual buss. If the levels on the group, auxiliary, stereo, matrix or cue outputs are too high, a peak LED in the output VU meters flashes to warn of the impending danger of clipping.

All inputs include 4-band parametric EQ
This features high/low shelving, switchable inserts, 8 VCA control assigns and direct outs.

Unique 12 x 4 stereo x 4 mono Mix Matrix
The matrix features 4 stereo and 4 mono outputs .

128 digitally controlled memories
It instantly recall mute scenes.

PFL and VCA cue trims
The trims allow optimum level setting.

4 Stereo input modules come standard
More modules are optional.

Continuously variable 50 dB gain trim
It also comes with a switchable 30 dB pad which lets inputs handle any signal.

8 mono auxiliary mixing busses
The busses are all pre/post selectable via external switches.

8 primary mix busses (groups)
In addition to the mix busses, a stereo buss can be "direct assigned" from inputs.

8 VCA groups
The VCA groups are equipped with mute and cue capability which are controlled by full-length group faders.

Large dedicated stereo VU meters
The VU meters plus 12 switchable VU meters display output level.